18 Dec 2013
AnXious Xmas

Anxious Xmas is an irreverent celebration of all things vexatious about the build-up to the most wonderful time of the year. Performances ranging from meditative to humorous to cathartic will provide a valve to release tensions, and a tonic to soothe stressed souls. Featuring a trio of Blanca Regina, Sharon Gal (vocals) and Steve Beresford (piano), Mundus Inversus, Gregor Riddell and Rob Lewis, The Conspirators of Pleasure, and The Material Studies Group.
Cafe Oto
London, UK
24 Nov 2013
Disruptive Technologies Feeding You

The first ever Disruptive Technologies performance will take place at the Seeing Sound symposium at Bath Spa University, Bath, UK, premiering the new piece Feeding You. Feeding You creates a feedback loop in the image machine that operates on the body’s affective responses in order to increase the profit of capital. Its source material is the audio-visual language of branding and advertising of global corporations. Disruptive Technologies (DI$T€©) are Matthias Kispert (audio) and Max Hattler (video).
Seeing Sound Symposium
Bath Spa University, Bath, UK
8 Nov – 14 Dec 2013
Noise and Whispers EXHIBITION
Material Residues 1

A video of documentation from previous Material Studies workshops and interventions, titled Material Residues 1 will be shown as part of the Noise and Whispers exhibition at GV Art in London. A limited edition of 20 DVDs are available for sale.
Noise and Whispers
GV Art, London, UK
25 Oct – 2 Nov 2013
D-Fuse: Secured by Design

The D-Fuse video Secured by Design is screening at Screen City in Stavanger, Norway.
Screen City
Stavanger, Norway
19 – 20 Oct 2013
Bloomsbury Festival EXHIBITION
D-Fuse: Small Global - Extreme Energy

The new interactive D-Fuse installation Small Global - Extreme Energy will premiere at this year's Bloomsbury Festival in London. The project investigates the destructive effects of unconventional fossil fuel extraction methods such as fracking or tar sands mining and has been developed in collaboration with academics from the Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Small Global - Extreme Energy has been supported by the Arts Council England and the School of Advanced Study.
Bloomsbury Festival
School of Advanced Study, Senate House, London, UK
18 Oct – 9 Nov 2013
Recreation Ground EXHIBITION
Voices in a Field

My new video Voices in a Field, documentation from a public intervention two weeks earlier, is showing as part of the exhibition Recreation Ground at ATTIC, Nottingham, UK. The opening is on 18 Oct 6-9pm. Opening hours Thu - Sat 12-6pm.
Recreation Ground
ATTIC, Nottingham, UK
11 – 12 Oct 2013
TRIBE SeaStation | Feeding You

Matthias will be presenting his work as part of the TRIBE SeaStation symposium at ARTos Foundation in Nicosia on 11th October. The evening will also feature an audio-only performance of the new work Feeding You.
ARTos Foundation
Nicosia, Cyprus
5 Oct 2013
Voices in a Field INTERVENTION
Voices in a Field

Voices in a Field employs collective vocal performance to activate the urban wasteland site of The Island in Nottingham through sound. Participants congregate on the boundaries of the site and perform a text score, loosely inspired by Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning. The proceedings will be documented and later exhibited at Attic in Nottingham. Commissioned by Wasteland Twinning Nottingham.
The Island
Nottingham, UK
7 – 8 Sep 2013
130907_helfagelf SCREENING
The hands want to see, the eyes want to caress

The hands want to see, the eyes want to caress will be screened as part of the One Minute Volume Seven programme curated by Kerry Baldry at Cofi Roc in Caernarfon, UK, in conjunction with the Helfa Gelf Art Trail of North Wales.
One Minute Volume Seven
Cofi Roc, Caernarfon, UK
29 Aug 2013
Material Studies WORKSHOP
Material Studies

The Material Studies workshop involves playful exploration of the sounds within matter through improvisation with everyday objects. The project is being developed with Blanca Regina and Andrew Riley. This will be a special edition for Music Hackspace's Hack The Barbican season at London's Barbican Centre.
Hack the Barbican
Barbican Centre, London, UK
4 Jul 2013
130704_musichackspace PERFORMANCE
Dr. Benway

Dr. Benway will be performing at Music Hackspace Performance Night on 4 July. Other artists on the night include Steve Beresford, Tasos Stamou, Simon Longo and Ewa Justka.
Music Hackspace Performance Night
Troyganic, London, UK
20 Jun 2013
Solstice improvisation rite with Blanca Regina

Performing with Blanca Regina at VIDEosonic Rituals, Courtyard Theatre, London, UK. Other acts include VAELIUM, Bioni Samp and Ewa Justka.
VIDEosonic Rituals
Courtyard Theatre, London, UK
23 May 2013
London Seizure SCREENING
The Funeral of Baroness Thatcher

My video The Funeral of Baroness Thatcher sees its first ever screening at London Seizure, a programme curated by Carmen Billows, at Bermondsey Project in London. The evening also features work by John Smith, Piotr Krzymowski, Alexander Costello, Claire Hope, Emily Richardson, Mike Stubbs, Steven Ball and Hector Castells. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the artists.
London Seizure
Bermondsey Project, London, UK
20 – 31 May 2013
130520_digitalshoreditch EXHIBITION
D-Fuse: Small Global

D-Fuse's installation Small Global is showing at this year's Digital Shoreditch Festival. An 11-day conference now in its second year, Digital Shoreditch brings together the various communities of people using technology for creative ends in East London. The Great Digital Exhibition will be free to attend and show over 20 works, some of them newly conceived and created for the festival. Many of the exhibits will contain interactive aspects, from digital elements like twitter hashtags, to reactions to body movement or sounds created by movement.
The Great Digital Exhibition
Digital Shoreditch, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK
8 Mar 2013
D-Fuse and Labmeta: Tektōn

D-Fuse and Labmeta will be performing their piece Tektōn at the STRP Biënnale, Eindhoven, Netherlands, on 8 March 2013. Tektōn explores the material qualities of light in motion as produced by virtual machinic assemblages. The show will be preceded by a performance of Ryoji Ikeda's new work Superposition. More info here.
STRP Biënnale
Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, Netherlands
10 Feb 2013
Live Improvisation with Blanca Regina, John Oswald and Steve Beresford

I will be performing an 1 1/2 hour live improvisation with Blanca Regina, John Oswald and Steve Beresford at the Sound Art Series at DAMAGED #27, 512 Bar, London, UK.
Bar 512, London, UK
25 Jan 2013
The Competition

The Competition, a new video installation by Zoe Svendsen and Simon Daw, with dancers Sita Ostheimer and Chris Evans will be premiered at Shoreditch Town Hall in London on 25th January from 3-7pm. The installation explores the relationship between live action and remote interaction via the digital mediation of an invented sport, as well as the idea of choreography as tactics, and sport as aesthetic. Matthias Kispert has created a 10-channel sound installation to accompany the piece, made from close-up recordings of the performances that form the source material for this installation.
Shoreditch Town Hall
London, UK
19 Jan 2013
Material Studies WORKSHOP
Material Studies

The Material Studies workshop involves playful exploration of the sounds within matter through improvisation with everyday objects. The project is being developed with Blanca Regina and Andrew Riley. The next workshop will take place at SoundFjord in London, with the material plastic and special guest Steve Beresford.
Material Studies
SoundFjord, London, UK
4 Jan 2013
Music Hackspace PERFORMANCE
Dr. Benway

The first performance of my doppelgänger Dr. Benway will take place at the Music Hackspace Performances Night #5 on 4th Jan at Troyganic in London. Other acts include Leafcutter John, Lady Hackspace, Left Hand Cuts off the Right.
Music Hackspace Performances Night #5
Troyganic, London, UK