18 Dec 2015
Strange Umbrellas SCREENING
Voices in a Field

Video documentation of the participatory performance Voices in a Field, which took place in Nottingham in October 2013 will be screened at Strange Umbrellas #10 at Apiary Studios in London on 18th December.
Strange Umbrellas #10
Apiary Studios, London, UK
26 Nov 2015
Swimming With Music PERFORMANCE
Swimming With Music

I will be performing an improvised set with University of East London students Thomas Couchman, Ipek Biserova and Joshua Adams, entertaining swimmers at the London Aquatics Centre on 26 Nov 4-6pm. The concert is part of the series Swimming With Music, a coproduction between UEL, Sound and Music and Bigga Fish.
Swimming With Music
London Aquatics Centre, London, UK
3 Oct 2015
Strange Umbrellas PERFORMANCE
Improvisation with Blanca Regina

I am performing an improvised set with Blanca Regina at Strange Umbrellas #9, at Apiary Studios in London. The night also features performances by Steve Beresford, Adam Bohman + John White, among others.
Strange Umbrellas #9
Apiary Studios, London, UK
24 Sep 2015 – ongoing
No More Beyond

The continuously evolving online screening space The Unstitute has set up a new strand titled UNdiscriminate - a temporary, mobile encampment for nomadic ideas and political consciousness. This virtual space is being launched with a permanent screening of my video essay No More Beyond. Watch the project in its full length here.
The Unstitute, online
24 Sep 2015
Student Action for Refugees SCREENING
No More Beyond

The video essay No More Beyond will be screened at the Stamford Street Lecture Theatre, Kings College London, at an event organised by KCL Student Action for Refugees, on 24 September at 6:30pm.
KCL Student Action for Refugees
Stamford Street Lecture Theatre, Kings College London, UK
10 Sep 2015
No More Beyond

The video essay No More Beyond will be screened at the 2015 Annual Conference of IIPPE, the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy in Leeds, UK, on 10 September.
IIPPE Annual Conference
Leeds, UK
10 Jul – 9 Sep 2015
D-Fuse: Pattern & Noise

Pattern & Noise is D-Fuse’s first solo exhibition in the US, and explores the different themes central to D-Fuse's work: Small Global, on the 3rd floor, focuses on data visualisation in relation to environmental issues and global interdependency, while Tektōn, on the 2nd floor, references their roots in audio-visual culture, exploring the spatio-temporal qualities of light and motion. The exhibition will be held from 10 Jul - 9 Sep at Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The opening night on 10 Jul also features performances of Tektōn and Latitude.
Wood Street Galleries
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
16 – 21 Jun 2015
Counterpoints Arts EXHIBITION
No More Beyond

The new three-channel video essay No More Beyond will be shown at Counterpoints Arts' dis/placed exhibition at The Ditch, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, from 16 - 21 June. No More Beyond is a video essay about boundaries filmed in the city of Melilla, a Spanish enclave in northern Morocco, where 11.5 km of heavily patrolled triple wire fence separate EU territory from migrants trying to enter. The project takes its title from the city’s motto: Non Plus Ultra.
The Ditch, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK
11 May – 6 Jun 2015
World Factory SOUND DESIGN
World Factory

I have created the sound design for Zoë Svendsen and Simon Daw's interactive theatre project World Factory. Based on extensive research of the global textile industry, the project invites audience members to take on the role of a factory manager in Chinese garment production, compelling participants to confront the contradictions inherent in mass production and consumer capitalism. After an inaugural run at The New Wolsey theatre in Ipswich, UK, the project is on at the Young Vic theatre in London. Reviews: Paul Mason in The Guardian, The Independent, Financial Times.
Young Vic Theatre
London, UK
15 Apr 2015
D-Fuse + Labmeta: Tektōn

Tektōn will be performed at the opening night of the Störung Festival at La Farinera del Clot in Barcelona on 15 April. Other performers on the night are Asmus Tietchens and Lee Patterson.
Störung Festival
La Farinera del Clot, Barcelona, Spain
27 Nov 2014
Banquet (with Blanca Regina)

The audio-visual live performance Banquet, with Blanca Regina, will be staged in an updated version at the launch event of Gregorio Fontén's new poetry book FM at Bolívar Hall in London.
FM Book Launch
Bolívar Hall, London, UK
15 – 23 Nov 2014
Being Human Festival SCREENING
D-Fuse: Report on Conscientious Objectors

The D-Fuse video Report on Conscientious Objectors is being screened at the School of Advanced Study as part of the Being Human Festival. The video has been commissioned by Salt Road as part of the Hacking the Archives project. The video has been made from photographs and text documents from the UK's Ministry of Information, which was active during World War II and which, among other things, gathered intelligence on conscientious objectors to the war.
Being Human Festival
School of Advanced Study, London, UK
13 Aug 2014
Psyché Tropes RELEASE
Austerity Rockers

The track Austerity Rockers has been released on the Psyché Tropes triple 180g vinyl compilation HFF Vol. 1, alongside work by Sculpture, Scanner, Spatial, Sally Golding, Tom White and Mark Peter Wright. Each release comes with a 12 inch colour 16mm print with optical soundtrack. Extracts are here, with a video preview here. The album can be bought here.
Psyché Tropes Records
25 – 28 Jun 2014
D-Fuse: Small Global - Extreme Energy

D-Fuse have been invited by Greenpeace to exhibit the Small Global - Extreme Energy interactive installation at Glastonbury Festival this year. Small Global - Extreme Energy will be the main piece screened daily in Greenpeace’s CliMAX Dome ‘where seeing is believing,’ and around which Greenpeace volunteers will be at hand to give visitors more information on fracking and climate change. The piece will be shown Wed 25th - Sat 28th from 2-5pm. On Sat 28th there will also be a special projection of Small Global - Extreme Energy and related D-Fuse works onto the outer side of the dome from 11:30pm - 1am.
Greenpeace CliMAX Dome
Glastonbury Festival, UK