Disruptive Technologies Feeding You McDonald's from Matthias Kispert on Vimeo.



Feeding You is a short-circuit in desire-production, creating a feedback loop in the image machine that operates on the body’s affective responses in order to increase the profit of capital. Its source material is the audio-visual language of branding and advertising of global corporations, which is thrown into the proverbial meat grinder to emerge in grotesquely distorted fashion. Through digital live processing the functionality of this material, the manipulation of desire, is literally turned on its head: Here, it is the material, the familiar brand logos and sound identities, that is manipulated and turned back onto itself to create a neo-psychedelic liberatory aesthetics.

In this sense, Feeding You could be seen as a kind of anti-retail therapy, a form of psychological remedy that inverts the short-lived gratification that can be gained from giving in to an impulse to purchase some thing or other, and instead seeks to shock the metabolism out of the habit of consumption. We invite you to expand your total self.

Disruptive Technologies (DI$T۩) are Matthias Kispert (audio) and Max Hattler (video).

→Max Hattler

Seeing Sound Symposium Bath Spa University, Bath, UK 24 Nov 2013