Video Installation, with D-Fuse.

Small Global is an immersive installation that combines data visualisations with high-resolution images and surround sound to address issues of global consumption and environmental degradation. The piece currently consists of three modules. With the first two modules, #01-Deforestation and #02-Coltan, produced in 2005 at Eyebeam [NYC], the new Extreme Energy module takes a look at the increasingly desperate measures taken to extract more fossil fuels out of the earth’s crust.

Multiple transparent screens are arranged to create an invisible cube, revealing imagery on several layers diffracting onto the walls, ceiling and floor of the space. Members of the audience can walk around and inside the cube, their bodies becoming part of the projection surfaces. Surround sound immerses the space, and interaction sensors allow visitors to reveal visual information with their presence.

Module #03-Extreme Energy has been developed in collaboration with the School of Advanced Study, University of London, and supported by the Arts Council England.

Small Global signifies a global interdependence that often goes unnoticed in an environment saturated with marketing messages, which precisely these messages are designed to make us forget: The production of the goods we consume can have devastating consequences in parts of the world that we might not even be aware of.

→School of Advanced Study
→Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
→D-Fuse Vimeo

Greenpeace CliMAX Dome Glastonbury Festival, UK 25 – 28 Jun 2014
Green Week London College of Communication, UK 10 – 14 Feb 2014
Bloomsbury Festival London, UK 19 – 20 October 2013
Digital Shoreditch Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK 20 – 31 May 2013
CYNETart Dresden, Germany 4 Oct 2008
MIC Toi Rerehiko Auckland, New Zealand 18 Oct – 14 Dec 2007
onedotzero Buenos Aires, Argentina 28 – 30 Sep 2007
Get It Louder Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, China 23 Jun – 1 Sep 2007
MU Art Space Eindhoven, Netherlands 9 Sep – 8 Oct 2006
Eyebeam New York, USA 20 Oct – 17 Dec 2005