Introduction (26 May 2012): F-Hall 45 minutes, 55 seconds "Introduction (26 May 2012): F-Hall"
Introduction (26 May 2012): Sound//Space 29 minutes, 03 seconds "Introduction (26 May 2012): Sound//Space"
Session 1 – Metal (27 May 2012): F-Hall 62 minutes, 47 seconds "Session 1 – Metal (27 May 2012): F-Hall"


Improvisation Workshops, with Blanca Regina and Andrew Riley

Playful collective explorations of the sounds within matter.

Avant-garde art, be it musically, visually or performance based often appears as somewhat elitist, with a defined hierarchy between those who create the work (the artists) and those experience it (the audience). To people who have not had the fortune of being taught all the codes of the artform, the pieces and the settings in which these are shown can be uncomfortable and alienating.

The Material Studies project seeks to open these experimental artforms to anyone who wishes to participate in the collective, improvised sonic exploration of various materials and objects, whether by actively working with the objects, passively absorbing the interactions of others or by expressing a response to the sonic exploration through visual or written acts.

The use of traditional instruments, terminology and tools of manipulation will be avoided. Participants will together develop an improvisational language based solely on the sounds that can be teased out of various everyday objects, with each session being themed around a particular material or object.

No expertise or previous experience is required, instead the sessions focus on the communicative potential of collective improvisation, where every participant needs to listen and react to everything that is happening around, where every gesture has an influence on everything else.

The underlying principle of the project is to promote a corrosion of the space between the artist-performer and the contemplator-audience and to promote the idea that we are all valuable as artists regardless of education or class.

£5/£4 concs per workshop
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The workshops are happening at Sound//Space, SoundFjord‘s pop-up record store at V22 Summer Club in London.

31 Jan 2016 Hackoustic, London Hackspace Any material
10 May 2015 Art of Improvisers, Oto Project Space Any material
14 Nov 2013 GV Art Gallery Any material
29 Aug 2013 Hack the Barbican Any material
19 Jan 2013 SoundFjord Plastic – with guest Steve Beresford
21 Nov 2012 Cafe Oto Material Studies Live Audiovisual Mix at Sprawl
3 Nov 2012 SoundFjord Paper + Cardboard – with guest Daichi Yoshikawa
13 Oct 2012 SoundFjord Ceramics
29 Jul 2012 Sound//Space, V22 Summer Club Sound//Space Closing Celebration, Carousel Collective + Material Studies Group
28 Jul 2012 Sound//Space, V22 Summer Club Wood – with guest Iris Garrelfs
23 Jun 2012 Sound//Space, V22 Summer Club Plastic
27 May 2012 Sound//Space, V22 Summer Club Metal – with guest Ryan Jordan
26 May 2012 Sound//Space, V22 Summer Club Introductory workshop, any material