Feeding You

Feeding You is a short-circuit in desire-production, creating a feedback loop in the image machine that operates on the body’s affective responses in order to increase the profit of capital. Its source material is the audio-visual language of branding and advertising of global corporations, which is thrown into the proverbial meat grinder to emerge in grotesquely distorted fashion.

Live Cinema Performance, with D-Fuse and Labmeta
D-Fuse + Labmeta: Tekton

Digital/machinic instruments are imagined through software and driven by animation algorithms to engineer different formations of kinetic light. As the machine itself is rendered invisible we witness the traces of structure and spatial presence the light leaves behind.

Music for Live Cinema Performance by Quayola
Quayola: Strata Live

The term “strata” refers to particular layers in the organic evolutionary process; it is a visual metaphor for a non-linear history that is more a sum of certain characteristics over a given period of time than anything else. This live cinema performance marks the live premier of The Strata Series, which delves into art history and plays around with the construction and deconstruction of our perception of classic art, architecture and iconography.

Live Cinema Performance, with Blanca Regina
Blanca Regina and Matthias Kispert: Banquet

A poetic investigation of food and its manifold cultural relevances. The stuff we eat sometimes goes almost unnoticed in our daily routines, but its significance ranges from cultural, political and religious spheres to the personal and the erotic.