Banquet Live 22 Oct 2011 (extract) 9 minutes, 52 seconds "Banquet Live 22 Oct 2011 (extract)"

Blanca Regina and Matthias Kispert: Banquet

Live Cinema Performance, with Blanca Regina

The stuff we eat sometimes goes almost unnoticed in our daily routines, but its significance ranges from cultural, political and religious spheres to the personal and the erotic.

Food satisfies one of our most basic urges, yet the rituals and habits surrounding it are some of the oldest and most refined aspects of culture. Food provides essential nourishment but overindulgent eating habits can also be destructive to our organism. While its supply and waste is overabundant in one part of the planet, its scarcity is acute in another. Industrial production and distribution has led to to the food supply chain being in an ever tighter grip of a few multinational corporations.

As an integral part of everyday life, eating can be done solitarily or mark the occasion for a social gathering, its performance can be highly ritualised or profoundly mundane. Sharing food is something that brings people together, whether that is over a lunch meeting, dinner party or an intimate dinner for two.

More than anything, perhaps, food marks a continuous cycle of becoming and annihilation. Food disintegrates over time whether used or not, and within our bodies it also undergoes a process of decomposition, with its own waste products. Being perishable by nature, food requires continuous supply, failure of which would lead to catastrophic consequences. As a product of the earth, food connects us to our origins within nature.

→Blanca Regina

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