Quayola: Strata Live

Music for Live Cinema Performance by Quayola

Quayola is a visual artist who is fascinated by the tensions and clashes between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, and the old and new. His work incorporates photography, geometry, digital sculptures and immersive audiovisual installations and performances.

The term “strata” refers to particular layers in the organic evolutionary process; it is a visual metaphor for a non-linear history that is more a sum of certain characteristics over a given period of time than anything else. This live cinema performance marks the live premier of The Strata Series, which delves into art history and plays around with the construction and deconstruction of our perception of classic art, architecture and iconography. The underlying, predominantly geometric, layers of works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture are revealed in this spectacle. Discover what a masterpiece truly looks like!


Out Hear (with cellist Gregor Riddell) Kings Place, London, UK 3 Dec 2012
STRP Festival Eindhoven, Netherlands 19 Nov 2011