Ljubljana Railway Station 3 minutes, 15 seconds "Ljubljana Railway Station"
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Somehow everything seemed to fit together on this summer day: the late afternoon sun, the song of the swallows, the melodic train announcements creating harmonies with the sound of the train engine, people’s voices drifting past like the leaves being blown around by the wind.
Graz Hauptplatz 4 minutes, 08 seconds "Graz Hauptplatz"
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The main square in Graz on a summer evening: A busker plays local hits on his harmonica, another one plays jazzy saxophone somewhere in the background, people eat sausages and chat about their holidays, trams pass.
Brixton Station 2 minutes, 23 seconds "Brixton Station"
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At the time, Brixton station was a kind of micro-melting pot featuring a set of regularly appearing characters who collectively caused commotion on a daily basis. Some of them were known by names derived from the sounds they contributed to the local soundscape: the Biggie-Biggie man or the Incense man for example. These two were supported by an assortment of preachers from various Baptist and Pentecostal churches, market criers, ticket touts, Underground staff and others. Since the attempt at gentrifying the centre of Brixton things have become a lot less interesting. Leaving the station now, one is not greeted by the lively hustle and bustle, but by the sounds of cars and buses going past.
This recording was released on Peter Cusack’s CD Your Favourite London Sounds (2001).