Typhoon 2 minutes, 41 seconds "Typhoon"
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A typhoon blowing through the windows of a flat on the 34th floor in Shanghai. Recorded for the D-Fuse project Undercurrent.
Night In Brilliant City 3 minutes, 04 seconds "Night In Brilliant City"
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Brilliant City (Zhong Yuan Liang Wan Cheng) is a complex of residential high-rises in northern Shanghai. At night people walk to the local shops in their pyjamas while listening to the sounds of cicadas and children’s voices reverberating between the skyscrapers. Recorded for the D-Fuse project Undercurrent.
Funfair Ride 3 minutes, 14 seconds "Funfair Ride"
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This funfair ride, located at a sedate entertainment park in a public garden in Shanghai sounds like a rather sad affair. And actually it wasn’t much fun riding on it either, so the melancholy groans and creaks it emitted seemed to be rather fitting. Recorded for the D-Fuse project Brilliant City.
50 Moganshan Lu 3 minutes, 09 seconds "50 Moganshan Lu"
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Before the hype, 50 Moganshan Lu was a collection of warehouses that housed what were then Shanghai’s up-and-coming independent galleries. It was all very low-key and seemed to blend in effortlessly with what had been there already. This recording was made one late Saturday afternoon and I was taken by the serenity of the whole scenery: children playing, people singing while passing on their bicycles, birds chirping. A year later the place had been rebranded as M50, listed in tourist guides, and building works were under way in every corner. These days, the place is like a miniature arts entertainment district, filled with commercial galleries, design shops, art bookshops and the obligatory cafes. Recorded for the D-Fuse project Brilliant City.