Public Intervention, Video Documentation

Voices in a Field is an act of writing a text across a site, a temporary intervention that leaves no physical trace, but at the same time interrogates the notion of a place as “wasted land”. Exploring the idea of a commons through sound and the voice, collective action situates itself in the tension between pre-determined performance and spontaneous chaos. Air is pushed out of lungs, sound radiates, connects bodies, and diffuses outward to open up the site beyond its physical and legal boundaries, into the surrounding area.

Voices in a Field took place on 5th October 2013 on the site of The Island, an urban wasteland in the centre of Nottingham. The resulting documentation was shown later at the Recreation Ground exhibition at ATTIC, Nottingham. The project was commissioned by Wasteland Twinning Nottingham.

Strange Umbrellas #10 (screening) Apiary Studios, London, UK 18 Dec 2015
Recreation Ground Exhibition ATTIC, Nottingham, UK 18 Oct – 9 Nov 2013
Intervention The Island, Nottingham, UK 5 Oct 2013