Sound for Immersive Theatre Performance by Hector Harkness and Kate Hargreaves

Now That You’ve Died invites guests to question their expectations of story-telling whilst experiencing a unique sensory experience without using their vision. The use of sound to create an immersive narrative ensures that the performance is genuinely inclusive and enlightening.

From an exclusive story written by double Carnegie Medal winning author Patrick Ness. “Now That You’ve Died” has been narrated by actor Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who, Thor: The Dark World), co-directed by duo Hector Harkness (Punchdrunk) and Kate Hargreaves (Gideon Reeling) and produced by Colin Nightingale (Punchdrunk and Gideon Reeling), bought together by creative agency Guided Collective.
Now That You’ve Died has been commissioned by RNIB for Read for RNIB Day.

→Review in The Huffington Post “The use of sound in this production was superb.”