D-Fuse Re-Construct

Video Installation, with D-Fuse

Re-construct [Particle 3.0] is a reworking of one of the main strands of D-Fuse’s output from the last few years. Working in modes that range from the documentary to the abstract, projects like Latitude, Particle and Endless Cities are the outcome of extensive research into urban conditions in cities across the globe, where sound, video and photographic materials have been collected in collaboration with local artists.

Re-construct takes its cue from the live cinema performance piece Particle, which strips back the visual façades of the city to reveal an immaterial web of connections beneath. Recognisable urban landscapes disintegrate into abstract, data-like patterns, accompanied by surges of dense sound textures, layered harmonies, abstract rhythms and snippets of real-world sounds.

Using the three-dimensional space of the CineChamber, Re-construct follows a trajectory from abstraction to reconstruction analogous to the technique of particle synthesis, creating a narrative that plays out as much through immersive spatial experience as it does over time. Investigating an urban space that is at the same time real-and-imagined, the project merges layers of experience that range from the existential to the reflexive, from singular observations to abstract patterns and textures.

Commissioned by Recombinant Media Labs.

→D-Fuse Vimeo

Mutek Festival/Cinema Excentris Montreal, Canada 22 May – 3 Jun 2012