Sound for Videos by D-Fuse

The Carbon Crisis Blipverts are 5 x 40 second animations created by D-Fuse, exploring aspects of global warming issues, commissioned by SOS/Live Earth, whose partners include Al Gore, the Alliance for Climate Protection and the Climate Group.

Each 40-second blipvert focuses on a cause of CO2 emissions – Cars, Rubbish, Aviation, Deforestation, and Electricity Consumption. The animations raise awareness about some of the main reasons behind climate change and what everyone can do about it.Using a fast-paced combination of animated images and statistics, they begin with shocking facts about global warming, before suggesting simple ways that individuals can reduce their impact on climate change – such as switching off lights when not in use, recycling and buying local products.

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4-9 Oct 2011

Monitor De Arte Digital Festival CAAV, Guadalaraja, Mexico
Sundance Film Festival Park City, Utah, USA 17 Jan 2008
Released on Live Earth – The Concerts for the Climate Crisis Warner Bros. Dec 2007
onedotzero Buenos Aires, Argentina 28 – 30 Sep 2007
Leeds Music Festival Leeds, UK 24 – 26 Aug 2007
Reading Music Festival Reading, UK 24 – 26 Aug 2007
Edinburgh International Film Festival Edinburgh, UK 13 – 29 Aug 2007
Live Earth New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio De Janeiro, Johannesburg, Hamburg 7 Jul 2007
MTV Italy Jul 2007
LA Film Festival Los Angeles, USA 24 Jun 2007
TriBeCa Film Festival New York, USA 4 May 2007