D-Fuse: Surface

Series of Residencies, Live Cinema Performances and Panel Talks, with D-Fuse

When speaking of the city on a macro level, we often use terms like surface, texture or fabric to refer to the patterns of architecture and flows of people, energy, information etc. as something that becomes almost tangible. In the micro realm of everyday life, it is the multitude of surfaces that surround us which create boundaries and determine what is possible. It is in the space between these two points of reference where the tensions between the private and the public, the individual and the collective, become visible.

As the world population continues to move to urban centres, growing numbers of people contest a limited supply of space as their place for living. This brings with it a whole range of issues, ranging from environmental sustainability to the living standards and human rights of those at the bottom of the social scale who come to the city in search of a better life.

Surface was a series of residencies during which D-Fuse visited 12 cities in Asia and the Pacific Rim, investigating the patterns, flows and relations that permeate our urban environments. This was done collaboratively with local artists through urban exploration on street level as well as through media research, and the sharing of materials, ideas and approaches in order to combine the view from inside with that from outside, to create a laboratory for investigating the city through its images and sounds. The materials produced through this process were collected and combined into a live cinema performance that evolved and advanced with every new city surveyed.

Commissioned by the British Council and onedotzero for Re-Imagining the City, a part of the British Council’s Creative Cities program.

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Residency Bandung, Indonesia 25 Jul – 3 Aug 2008
Panel Discussion Blitz Megaplex, Bandung 3 Aug 2008
Live Performance KICK Fest, Bandung 2 Aug 2008
Residency Kaohsiung, Taiwan 3 – 11 May 2008
Live Performance UFO Building, Kaohsiung 10 May 2008
Panel Discussion Dream Hall, Kaohsiung 5 May 2008
Residency Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 30 Mar – 7 Apr 2008
Live Performance Zouk, Kuala Lumpur 5 Apr 2008
Panel Discussion Gallery 1, Annexe Central Market, Kuala Lumpur 6 Apr 2008
Residency Melbourne + Brisbane, Australia 23 – 29 Mar 2008
Live Performance Powerhouse, Brisbane 28 Mar 2008
Panel Discussion Powerhouse, Brisbane 29 Mar 2008
Live Performance ACMI/Federation Square, Melbourne 27 Mar 2008
Residency Bangkok + Chiang Mai, Thailand 22 – 28 Jan 2008
Panel Discussion Chiang Mai University 28 Jan 2008
Panel Discussion Landmark Hotel, Bangkok 27 Jan 2008
Live Performance Playground, Bangkok 26 Jan 2008
Residency Hanoi + Ho Chi Minh City, Thailand 14 – 21 Jan 2008
Panel Discussion Duxton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City 21 Jan 2008
Panel Discussion Goethe Institute, Hanoi 19 Jan 2008
Live Performance Fine Art University, Hanoi 18 Jan 2008
Residency Seoul, South Korea 26 – 30 Nov 2007
Live Performance WOO Bar, Seoul 30 Nov 2007
Panel Discussion SKT-Tower, Seoul 29 Nov 2007
Residency Auckland, New Zealand 15 – 20 Oct 2007
Live Performance MIC, Auckland 20 Oct 2007
Panel Discussion MIC, Auckland 20 Oct 2007