Live Cinema Performance, with D-Fuse

Particle strips back the visual façades of the city to reveal an immaterial web beneath. Processed urban imagery fluctuates between recognisable urban landscapes and abstract, data-like patterns, combined with dense sound textures, layered harmonies, abstract rhythms and snippets of found sounds. Particle creates an arresting, dream-like vista of a city that exists as much in the virtual as in physical space.

In its deconstruction of the visual and audible urban fabric, Particle alludes to the fragmented reality of everyday life. In today’s cities, new spaces have appeared along the places we know and live in: spaces of flows, webs of connections for communication, exchange and control that have come to transcend the limitations of actual physical space. In what is one of the main driving forces behind globalisation, traditional ideas of territory have almost been dissolved, while new centres of power are emerging at the nodal points that regulate the flows of global networks.

The source material for Particle is from a pool of video and sound collected across the globe for the D-Fuse documentary film Endless Cities. Unlike the latter, Particle is concerned with processes of abstraction. Both images and sounds have been broken into fragments and then reconfigured, in a parallel to the data flows that permeate the urban fabric.

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Out Hear (with bassist Mark Beazley) Kings Place, London, UK 19 November 2012
RedSonic Festival Red Gallery, London, UK 27 Jan 2012
Visions and Voices USC, LA, USA 22 Apr 2011
Yota Space Festival (screening) St Petersburg, Russia 4 – 18 Dec 2010
CYNETart Dresden, Germany 16 Nov 2010
onedotzero/Dark Fibre BFI, London, UK 13 Nov 2010
Arch Moscow Biennial (screening) Moscow, Russia 26 – 30 May 2010
Shunt Vaults London, UK 14 May 2010
Mapping Festival Geneva, Switzerland 6 May 2010
LEV Festival Madrid, Spain 30 Apr 2010
Re-Inventing the City Great North Museum, Newcastle, UK 2 Oct 2009
London Design Festival London, UK 23 Sep 2009
ISEA Belfast, UK 26 Aug 2009
FILE São Paulo, Brasil 28 Jul 2009
ON_OFF Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Brasil 25 Jul 2009