Collaborative Urban Explorations, Video Installation, Live Cinema Performance and Photographic Exhibition, with D-Fuse.

Undercurrent brings together sound and video art practice from China and the UK in order to explore cultural and social issues connected with the changing nature of urban environments in both countries. The project feeds from a pool of audio, video and photographic material collected by D-Fuse and contributing artists over a period of two years. Funded by the Arts Council England, the British Council, /sLab and Visiting Arts.

Participating artists
China: 8gg, B6, Haus M Commune, Lin Zhiying, Xu Cheng, Zhong Minjie
UK: Actop, Barney Steel, Quayola, Ultre, Zip Design

→D-Fuse Vimeo

Kinetica Art Fair London, UK (screening) 28 February 2009
MIC Toi Rerehiko Auckland, New Zealand 18 October – 14 December 2007
Dis-Locate Festival Tokyo + Yokohama, Japan 24 July – 5 August 2007
CineCity Festival Brighton, UK 16 November – 3 December 2006
MU Eindhoven, Netherlands (print exhibition) 9 September – 8 October 2006
UK Arts Festival Chongqing, China (live cinema performance + print exhibition) 30 September 30 October 2006
Lovebytes Festival Sheffield, UK (live cinema performance) 25 March 2006
AV Festival Sunderland, UK (live cinema performance) 7 March 2006