2 – 19 Dec 2010
The YOTA Space festival in St Petersburg, Russia will feature both the screening of an extract from the D-Fuse performance Particle, and the Quayola installation Topologies, with sound by Matthias Kispert.
Yota Space
St Petersburg, Russia
16 Nov 2010
D-Fuse are performing Particle at the CYNETart Festival in Dresden. Other performers at the festival include Francisco López and Ulf Langheinrich.
CYNETart Festival
Trans-Media Akademie Hellerau, Dresden, Germany
13 Nov 2010
D-Fuse are performing Particle as part of the Dark Fibre event at the onedotzero Festival, BFI, London, UK, with guest musician Brun Brown from Swayzak.
onedotzero/Dark Fibre
BFI, London, UK
9 Jun 2010
The D-Fuse video Brilliant City is showing at Peuple et Culture's City Brightness screening programme in Marseille, France.
City Brightness
Peuple et Culture, Marseille, France
14 May 2010
D-Fuse are performing Particle at the opening party of the newly refurbished Shunt Vaults in London.
Shunt Reopening
Shunt Vaults, London, UK
6 May 2010
D-Fuse are performing Particle at the Mapping Festival in Geneva. The festival also includes performances and by Granular Synthesis, ANTIVJ, Skream and DAT Politics.
Mapping Festival
BAC, Geneva, Switzerland
13 – 30 Apr 2010
Matthias Kispert's sound piece C(r)ash Machine, made from recordings of cash machines in East London, is shown as part of SoundFjord's Exquisite Corpse exhibition. For Equisite Corpse, SoundFjord commissioned 50 artists to create a sound piece in response to one they had been sent, creating 5 chains of 10 works each that responded to each other individually but were created without knowledge of the whole.
Exquisite Corpse
SoundFjord Gallery, London, UK
27 Mar 2010
D-Fuse will be performing Latitude at the second Brussels Electronic Music Festival at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. The festival also includes a Raster Noton showcase featuring Cyclo, Atom TM and Aoki Takamasa, and performances by Thomas Brinkmann and Chris De Luca.
Brussels Electronic Music Festival
Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium
8 – 18 Mar 2010
The United Visual Artists installation Speed of Light, with sound by Matthias Kispert, is taking over all four storeys of the Bargehouse in London for a period of 10 days. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a massive labyrinth of laser sculptures, built on the idea of speed being light, and light being data.
Speed of Light
Bargehouse, London, UK
30 Jan 2010
D-Fuse are playing a one-off club A/V set at DJ Darko's We are Electronix at Recyclart in Brussels, Belgium.
We Are Electronix
Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium